Planning during a Pandemic

Nov 24, 2020

2020 has been tough and for those of you planning weddings you know just how much frustration it’s caused.  While you are likely mourning the loss of your first wedding, there is no reason your second third or even fourth plans can’t be just as fabulous and magical.

Today I am sharing some photos of our sweet clients who eloped this year and celebrated over good old zoom!

++Downsize your guest list

Not only to fit restrictions, but downsizing your guest list allows you to focus more on the guest experience.  You will not have to “stretch” the budget as much and it allows you to redistribute your budget in a way that will be more impactful for your guest experience.

++ Re – evaluate your budget

Chat with your vendors and be honest about your current financials.  Wether you are adding additional funds or need to scale back.  It is possible to adjust previous plans and we are here to help!

++Design more for the guest experience

With a larger guest list, designs can sometimes feel stretched by your budget.  Lowering your guest count allows you to really focus on decor and elements that will accentuate the vibe.  Fewer tables, may mean more impactful details, fuller centerpieces and more!

++Focus on your why

Not being able to celebrate right now with ALL your family and friends is devastating.  But try and focus on why you were doing this in the first place?

++Make sure you know your county specific restrictions

Make sure to sign up for updates related to your specific county.  Just because one city can have a certain amount of guest, does not mean yours is as well. Look into the finer details as well, most focused on is guest count but can you have your tables set?  Will dancing happen?  All of these are factors that are addressed in Oregon opening phases and ones you need to be aware of as it may greatly impact your design, meal service and timeline.

++LEAN on your vendors 

If you don’t have a planner, it may be time to invest in one. Wedding planning is emotional, stressful and in 2020 absolutely nuts. It more important then ever to trust in a professional who has been guiding dozens of overwhelmed couples pivot their plans. Turn to your vendors for guidance, we’ve seen what works and what hasn’t.

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Photgraphy: Kir2Ben

Venue: Larz Anderson Hotel