Our Design Process

Nov 25, 2020

We often get a lot of questions about our design work.  Do I need that?  Why is it important? I want to design my own wedding? Trust me, we do too! Our Design work is an extremely collaborative process that allows you to be as involved as you’d like. Today I wanted to share with you what our initial mood boards look like and a bit of our process behind the design.

1.The biggest thing that helps us throughout the design process is YOU – we want to get to know you and your relationship and weave that through your event as much as possible

2.We begin with “mood board”typically providing two different options based off of your collected inspiration, our meetings, questions and of course you two.  I have attached a sample of what these typically look like.  Which would you choose?

3.  Then we break down your mood boards into a comprehensive look book! We outline everything from the type of fork you’ll be eating with to the lighting during

4.  We mock up all of our initial designs in this look book and then adjust after the design meeting and along the planning process. We review the rentals selected in person at the rental showroom and make any further adjustments

5.  FINALLY our favorite, we do a mock up of your final decor selection.  We team up with your vendors and we create the prettiest table for one you ever did see!  This allows us to make any final adjustments and changes while also reviewing the design within

I hope this gives you some better insight into our process.  Still got questions? Shoot them our way!